Our Newzletter

Has remained "unpublished" ever since the Premier edition (below). This was originally to be an annual newsletter, and in January of 2015 the City of Las Vegas informed us of a zoning change to the neighborhood we live in. Problem is that they changed the zoning in 2011, and did not inform anyone until 2015. Talk about illegal and total abuse of imminent domain! We were told that we tecnically couldn't even live here, REALLY not allowed to live in our own house that we have been in for past 16 + years! Long story short, we were able to stay in our home, but no longer able to have a retail business out of our home, of course we will not be reimbersed licensing fees for the years they are saying we were not supposed to be operating in, they of course happily allowed us to continue to pay those. Ok, off of my soapbox... At some point in time I will continue the Newzletter, just not sure when that will be.

Premier Hedgehog Newzletter

I hope you enjoyed our Premier Newzletter.